Sidewalk/Bike Lane Closures on NE 122nd Avenue

So, this item from came through my Twitter feed this afternoon: Green street construction to close bike lanes and sidewalks on NE 122nd Avenue for 10 weeks.

And it turns out that this will be on the stretch of NE 122nd between NE Shaver and NE Fremont, right here in Parkrose. The city is installing “small rain gardens that collect stormwater runoff from streets. The vegetation and soil in green street facilities filter stormwater as it soaks into the ground,” according to a press release.

Great! But here’s my problem: that’s right where kids from my neighborhood have to walk or bike in order to get to the middle school and high school. We live in Parkrose Heights, south of I-84, but we’re within 1.5 miles of the middle school and high school, so we don’t get school bus service. And I’ve got a sixth-grader starting middle school this fall.

However, I’ve just discovered the back way into Parkrose Middle School — from NE Fremont, go down NE 120th Avenue and enter through a gate near the track. Aha! Middle school students can skip the whole construction area, and it’s actually a shorter route anyway. Some of you probably already knew that. :-)

Students can also use Tri-Met to get to and from the schools; line 71 runs along both NE Prescott and NE 122nd.

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